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Waxedshine Citrus Foaming Pre-Wash is a citrus based cleaner for use in both a snowfoam cannon and a pump sprayer. To wash a vehicle correctly, using a pre-wash as the first step is a must to help keep the infliction of swirl marks, scratches and abrasions to a minimum. The key to pre-washing is removing as much dirt as possible before making any contact with the vehicle using a wash media such as a CYR Chenille Armstrong WashPad

Waxedshine Citrus Foaming Pre-Wash has been formulated to help lift road grime, bug splatter and other forms of dirt utilising foaming agents and active cleaning ingredients. Follow Citrus Foaming Pre-Wash up with a 2 bucket wash and then apply AquaBead or Envo QD+ for protection.

Highlights and Description


Citrus based formula
Lubricated with foaming agents
Fast acting cleaning ability
Contains no caustic ingredients
95% readily biodegradable
Suitable for cleaning cars, boats, RV’s, ATV’s and more


1) Dilute and shake well before use using the dilution chart.

    Snowfoam Cannon
Light wash: 50 – 100ml per 1L
Heavy wash: 100 – 200ml per 1L

    Pump Sprayer
100ml per 1L

1) Dilute and shake well before use using the dilution chart above.
2) Always apply on a cool surface and out of direct sunlight.
3) For heavily soiled vehicles we recommend using a pump sprayer to allow Citrus Foaming Pre-Wash to soak and break down the dirt. For a lightly soiled vehicle a foam cannon mixture works great.
4) Do not allow Citrus Foaming Pre-Wash to dry on the surface. If you see it drying, wet or re-apply and rinse off thoroughly.

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