Wax & Away Diamond Detailer Pro 100ml

Wax & Away Diamond Detailer Pro 100ml

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Wax & Away Diamond Detailer Pro 100ml

 A totally ground breaking, environmentally and user friendly water-less car wash product that can be used to both clean and highly polish any part of the car, motorcycle, boat and caravan surfaces.

This unique formula enables the user to clean and polish the whole exterior of the vehicle anywhere without water or compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish.


  • Shake well before use
  • Mist spray onto a folded microfibre cloth and also onto the area to be cleaned
  • Gently wipe the prewetted cloth onto the surface
  • Using a second folded microfibre cloth, quickly buff off the remaining residue to impart a protected, deep gloss shine
  • Replace cloths as they become soiled
  • Repeat process until whole vehicle has been cleaned and polished

Can be used in the sun but for best results, use in the shade out of direct sunlight. Can be used on wet or dry surfaces. Do not use on foot pedals, areas with heavily soiled/muddy/caked-on-sand or any other abrasive materials.