Vikan 320mm Multi Brush/Rim Cleaner 524652

  • £10.95

Vikan 320 mm Multi Brush/Rim Cleaner 524652

Ideal for cleaning alloy wheels and all kinds of small surfaces with this all-round Multi Brush and Rim Cleaner.

Bristle stiffness Soft/split
Tare total 0.07 kg.
Visible bristle length 40 mm
Material Polypropylene; Polyester
Country of origin Denmark
Colour Black
Width 115 mm
Height 130 mm
Length/Depth 320 mm
Gross Weight 0.37 kg. 
Max. pH-value in Usage Concentration 11 pH
Min. pH-value in usage concentration 3 pH
Max usage temperature (non food contact) 50 °C
Min. usage temperature -10 °C