TDG Products Mango pH Neutral Pre Wash 100ml

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TDG Products Mango pH Neutral Pre Wash 100ml New Formula

Now new formula Pre Wash; same great cleaning ability but higher concentrate

TDG have managed to create a pre-wash foaming agent that produces rich foam at good dilution rates, great cleaning ability whilst still being completely ph neutral. This foam formula safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime off all exterior surfaces without stripping any LSP or wax protection, even neat!

TDG recommend adding 50-100ml to your lance bottle (depending on water quality), topped up with warm water or de-ionised water for best results, completely cover your vehicle and allow appropriate dwell time but don't let it dry on surface so avoid using in direct sunlight, rinse off with pressure washer and you're then ready for the wash stage using TDG Cherry Sudz shampoo.

Loved the sample? now full size me!