SOFT99 Luxury Gloss Spray Wax 100ml

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Soft99 Luxury Gloss Spray Wax 100ml

Introducing the Luxury Gloss spray wax which is very first product that Soft99 has designed and tweaked specifically for overseas users. The effect is instantaneous with good filling capabilities to hide swirls and darken up the paint to give an excellent glossy finish! And most importantly mango scent is added to enhance the enjoyment throughout the process which has always been requested by our fans!

Soft99 Official Statement

The Luxury Gloss wax developed new type of liquid wax focuses on “Gloss”, “Shine” and “Smoothness” which conventional products haven’t.
Referring to overseas customer demand, we added mango scent to reduce the chemical odour.

Can be used as maintenance liquid for waxes.

Not only that, it can be repeatedly used to achieve an even better finish!


1. Wash the car to remove dust, dirt and water component.
2. Shake the bottle well.
3. Spray the liquid 50cm square each on dry paintwork, then wipe off immediately.

Recommended to use a Zero Finish HD microfibre cloth to prevent unevenness.

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