Roulette Pet Hair Brush - Clean Your Ride
Roulette Pet Hair Brush - Clean Your Ride
Roulette Pet Hair Brush - Clean Your Ride
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Roulette Pet Hair Brush


Roulette Pet Hair Brush 

This handy brush is designed for removing pet hair from all types of surfaces. No more sitting down to find yourself covered in cat or dog hair. Simply brush the area with this brush, keeping it flat to the surface and apply an even pressure. Perfect for carpets, stairs, car interior and furniture like sofas and chairs.

Lots of rubber bristles flex which won't damage the surface

The bristles are made out of soft non-marking rubber. They flex under pressure and help clean the surface. For best results try to keep the brush as flat as you can to the surface you are trying to clean; this applies an even pressure across all the bristles.

LONG LASTING - The hand brush is washable - Rinse under a luke warm tap - Easy cleaning and long lasting. 

EASY TO USE - For best results gently stroke the brush back towards yourself against the surface you are trying to clean in a sweeping/stroking action - Whilst doing this, try to keep all of the bristles in contact with the surface you are trying to clean. If you push too hard on the bristles in one area this can lead to the bristles wearing down. If you follow this all your carpets and flooring will be hair free!!

If you're using your brush to remove pet hair from the carpets of a car, the car mats or the boot of the car, why not dilute some fabric conditioner 7:1 in a spray bottle and mist the area you will be brushing? This softens the area and makes the brush work much more effectively. 

Product Information

Product Dimensions: 16.7 x 9.2 x 5.5 cm
Material Construction: 50% plastic, 50% rubber