ODK Waxes Revere Ceramic Wax 30ml And Applicator

ODK Waxes Revere Ceramic Wax 30ml And Applicator

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ODK Waxes Revere Ceramic Wax 30ml And Applicator

Revere is ODK Waxes latest wax and to date, the best wax they have ever created!

With over THREE years in development, Revere pushes the boundaries of what a wax can achieve.

T1 Carnauba and synthetic polymers are fused together with ceramic silica elements that not only leave a flawless glass like finish but the best possible performance and durable protection. 

For the getting the best out of the wax make sure the surface is clean and contaminant free.

Apply to a panel at a time and then remove the wax straight away with a quality microfibre cloth.

Leave 2 - 4 hours before adding additional coats. 

As the wax settles and cures on the car you will notice how the gloss levels increase.

GLOSS                    *****

DURABILITY           *****

APPLICATION        ****

REMOVAL               ****

FINISH                     *****

- 30ml ODK Waxes Revere Ceramic wax in a black glass pot

- A mini sized applicators are made from 90ppi soft foam and are the perfect fit for these 30ml waxes. 40mm in height makes holding them and using them an absolute breeze and easier to apply even thinner coats of your chosen wax.

Loved the sample? now full size me!