ODK Waxes Entourage Quick Detailer 50ml

ODK Waxes Entourage Quick Detailer 50ml

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ODK Waxes ENTOURAGE Quick Detailer 50ml

Entourage is a brilliant all round quick detailer that has just walked into my top 3 QDs of all time!!!

Cleans and protects, leaving a very glossy finish along with 4 weeks protection. 

Entourage will protect paintwork, glass and exterior trim, and leave a very slick feel to paintwork. 

Entourages party piece is that it's a great interior detailer too leaving a stunning satin finish and a strawberries and cream fragrance. 

A very versatile product that should be in everyones detailing arsenal.

Loved the sample? now full size me!