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Nanolex Washcoat 50ml

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Nanolex Washcoat 50ml

Nanolex WashCoat is an incredibly quick and effective way to protect and maintain exterior automotive surfaces. WashCoat is applied to the car after washing, whilst the car is still wet. It forms a chemical bond with the paint and refreshes previously-applied protective layers. Both the gloss level of the paint and the water beading properties are highly increased after a treatment with WashCoat. Your car will also stay cleaner for longer, and will be easier to wash.

WashCoat can be applied using a foam lance or a pump sprayer. Add 50ml to 950ml of water and apply to the vehicles surface, allow to dwell then pressure rinse off. 

With proper maintenance Nanolex WashCoat has a longevity of approximately 2,000 km on the surfaces it was applied to.

Developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

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