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Nanolex SiSplash 50ml

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Nanolex SiSplash 50ml

Nanolex SiSplash is a simple to use highly effective sealant that is designed to bond to all exterior automotive surfaces, including automotive wraps and PPF. Nanolex SiSplash works instantly on wet and dry surfaces delivering outstanding gloss in combination with impressive hydrophobicity and a silky smooth touch. With a single application, Nanolex SiSplash can be used as a stand alone product, or to enhance a previously applied Nanolex coating.


  1. Apply Nanolex SiSplash sparingly to exterior surfaces after washing, whilst the surfaces can still be wet. Rinse off and dry as normal.
  2. Nanolex SiSplash can be used on paintwork, windows and wheels for express maintenance or even a stand alone protective barrier that will last several washes. Apply Nanolex SiFinish to clean, dry, painted surfaces using a 2 - 3 sprays per panel and buff with a Plush Polly microfibre cloth to high shine. Nanolex SiSplash was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.


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