Mitchell & King Spa Shampoo 50ml - Clean Your Ride

Mitchell & King Spa Shampoo 50ml

  • £2.99

Mitchell & King Spa Shampoo 50ml

  • Thicker SPA
  • Bigger Dilution Ratio
  • Pearl Effect
  • pH Neutral
  • Detergent Free
  • Super Sudsy
  • More Slick

This year M&K decided to release a new shampoo, one with more suds, thicker solution and more slick than any other previous releases! 

Ensure your car is wrapped in luxury this weekend and order your super luxurious shampoo today!

Your hand-blended PH neutral car wash is enhanced by a luxurious scent.

Who Uses SPA ?

SPA is currently being utilised by the Gold Rush Rally, where contestants cars regularly exceed £1m. Other users include Singer Vehicles, Arash Supercars, Venturi Cars, Rolls Royce Edinburgh, Ferrari Edinburgh, Maserati Edinburgh, Beverly Hills Porsche and some of the finest detailers in the world.


Always swill the vehicle thoroughly and carry out a full pre-wash.
Apply a small amount to your wash bucket as per desired dilution (up to 250:1)
Wash the vehicle from top to bottom ensuring to swill your wash media regularly.
Rinse the entire vehicle once complete and then dry if desired.

Loved the sample now full size me!