LTT LeatherCare Auto Protect 100ml - Clean Your Ride

LTT LeatherCare Auto Protect 100ml

  • £5.99

 LTT LeatherCare Auto Protect

For darker leather interiors Auto Protect is the ideal protector.

Simple to apply and does not contain oils or waxes so does not alter the sheen of the leather. 
Latest surface protection technology for high-performance wear.

Protecting your leather is crucial to prolong the life of the leather coatings and is an essential part of the leather care process

Auto Leather Protect uses the very latest in protection technology to take care of the coatings on your leather interior. 

Once clean your leather should be protected to help

  • Protect from abrasion
  • Correctly re-hydrate
  • Make cleaning easier
  • Protect from UV damage

Once protected the leather can be easily maintained with Auto Maintain 

To keep your leather in the best condition, protect from new, maintain on a regular basis, deep clean once or twice a year and re-protect.