LTT LeatherCare Auto Foam 100ml

  • £4.99

 LTT LeatherCare Auto Foam

Rich deep cleaner for finished auto leather. Auto Foam gently lifts the dirt from your leather leaving it soft, supple and shine free.

Deep cleaning your leather will remove dirt and grime that has been allowed to build up over time together with any sheen caused by the incorrect use of ‘conditioning’ products containing oils and waxes. 

Foam cleaning has been proven to be the safest and most effective way of gently lifting the dirt from the surface of the leather.

The foam encapsulates the dirt allowing it to be fully removed rather than simply moving it around as with spray cleaners.

This rich deep cleaning foam:




LTT recommend deep cleaning your leather once or twice a year depending on colour and usage. 

Follow the deep cleaning with Auto Protect or Auto LeatherGuard and then the leather can be simply maintained with Auto Maintain keeping your leather in the best condition possible.

We recommend using a CYR Skrubber Dubber combined with the Auto Foam on unbroken leather. Gently work the product into the leather and then wipe with one of our CYR Terry Towels.