Krystal Kleen Detail Citrus Magic Pre-Wash 50ml

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Krystal Kleen Detail Citrus Magic Pre-Wash 50ml

KRYSTAL KLEEN DETAIL CITRUS MAGIC was developed from a need for a prewash that would provide a bit more bite to road dirt than our A-KLEEN 'HD'. It also has a pleasant citrus fragrance. It contains a gentle combination of degreasing agents and citrus solvents which help suspend dirt to help prevent marring during the wash process.

It is a true all rounder as it can be used for any of the following:

Dilute up to 100:1

Apply as a prewash through a hand sprayer or pressure pump. Can also be applied through a foam lance at 10:1

As an All Purpose Cleaner on interior fabric and plastics.

As a cleaner for convertible soft top roofs as it also contains anti-bactericidal agents to help prevent mold regrowth.

Perfect for bug and fly splatter removal.

Loved the sample now full size me!