dooka WHEELS 100ml

dooka WHEELS 100ml

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dooka WHEELS 100ml

dooka WHEELS is a pH-neutral maintenance wheel shampoo, designed for maintained, sealed, sensitive wheel surfaces such as polished and chrome. We often hear or get asked, what is the best thing to clean my sealed wheels or my sensitive wheels with? Most people like us, recommend just normal shampoo that you use on your paint. So here at dooka, we thought it best to design a wheel shampoo just for these occasions. This isn't just a shampoo with some wheel cleaner thrown in or just some wheel cleaner with foaming agents added, again, we have developed this product from the ground up to be a dedicated maintenance wheel shampoo/cleaner.

You may be surprised at what dooka WHEELS will actually clean. Our testing has certainly surprised us, especially for a product designed for maintenance purposes. You can use as a dedicated wheel cleaner, up your dilution in a trigger spray bottle and use as a normal wheel cleaner if your wheels are dirtier than normal.


For best results, use dooka WHEELS at a dilution ration of 200:1 [water/product] in your bucket.

If your wheels are dirty, you can also use as a dedicated wheel cleaner. Use in a trigger spray bottle at a dilution of 10/20:1.

Simply add dooka WHEELS to a bucket of warm water and stir. Clean your wheels as you would.

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