CYR Microfibres Decon Clay Cloth - Clean Your Ride
CYR Microfibres Decon Clay Cloth - Clean Your Ride
CYR Microfibres Decon Clay Cloth - Clean Your Ride
CYR Microfibres Decon Clay Cloth - Clean Your Ride
CYR Microfibres Decon Clay Cloth - Clean Your Ride
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CYR Microfibres Decon Clay Cloth


CYR Microfibres Decon Clay Cloth, 

The CYR Microfibres Decon Clay Cloth has a thin layer of polymer clay compound bonded to a soft yellow microfibre which quickly and easily removes surface contaminants.

Removing embedded contaminants then allows products to bond to the paintwork more effectively and therefore provide a better finish. Embedded contaminants are things such as brake dust, tree sap, tar spots, iron fallout, paint overspray and more which can be easily removed. When they bond to your vehicles paintwork, over time they leave your paintwork feeling rough to the touch and mask your paintwork of clarity and shine; they can also effect how your car wax or paint sealant perform when applied. 

Unlike traditional clay bars which need to be made soft and pliable before use. If you drop a clay bar then that's the end of that and it can't be used again. If you drop our Decon Clay Cloth then it can be cleaned by simply rinsing it thoroughly in water. 

Compared to traditional clay bars, the Decon Clay Cloth lasts up to 5 times longer, is easier to handle and saves a significant amount of time when using on larger panels. 

When using the Decon Clay Cloth on a vehicles paintwork (NOT A WRAPPED SURFACE), a generous amount of lubrication is required to prevent marring. These can be dedicated clay lubricants, some water based detailing sprays or simply a bucket of soapy water with some pure car shampoo; a shampoo with no gloss enhancers or waxes added. Any marring that may occur can be simply removed with a polish. 

Prior to use, you can place your hand (with no jewellery) into a polythene bag or a sandwich bag and gently rub it over the vehicles painted surface. If there is any contamination, then this will easily highlight it for you. After using the Decon Clay Cloth then do the bag rub again to feel the noticeable difference!!


1. Thoroughly wash the vehicle first, removing all loose surface contamination. 

2. Pre soak the Decon Clay Cloth in warm water and pure car shampoo prior to use. Wet the vehicles surface with a hose or pressure washer and then use the yellow side of the Decon Clay Cloth to get some soap solution onto the vehicles surface.

3. Then reload the Decon Clay Cloth with more soapy solution from the wash bucket and without applying any pressure, pass the black side of the Decon Clay Cloth over the wet surface until the surface then feels smooth. The Decon Clay Cloth should be rinsed regularly to reduce the risk of any contamination marring the paintwork.

4. Thoroughly rinse the surface and then use a clean microfibre drying towel to dry the area. The surface should be very smooth to touch. (Time to now do the polythene bag rub again).

5. You now have a clean canvas, perfect for the application of a polish, wax or sealant.

6. DO NOT USE on vinyl stickers or on a wrapped surface. 

7. The Decon Clay Cloth can be cleaned and reused by simply rinsing with clean water and then leaving to air dry flat. DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR TUMBLE DRY as this will permanently damage the black polymer rubber clay compound of the cloth.

8. DO NOT WRING OUT as this will weaken the compound.


For First Time Use - It is advisable to prep your cloth on its first use. This should be done on the vehicles glass (suggested rear window). This important step reduces the risk of marring on its first use. 

1. Do not use in direct sunlight or on surfaces with a temperature above 145°c / 62°c.

2. Do not leave to dry with the black advanced polymer rubber side in contact with itself.

3. The Clay Cloth is NOT solvent resistant. DO NOT USE with a tar and glue type product.

4. CYR Microfibres Ltd takes no responsibility for any damage caused by the incorrect use of the Decon Clay Cloth.