CYR Microfibres Chenille Wheel Wash Pad

  • £4.95

CYR Chenille Wheel Wash Pad

A brand new addition to the CYR Microfibres lineup is this, a smaller double sided washpad made from a higher quality Chenille than usual specifically for use on alloy wheels, motorbikes, quads, mountain bikes etc. 

Issue 8 of Pro Detailer Magazine stated that the Chenille Wash Mitt was the safest wash media to use after a proper pre-wash. Against much more expensive microfibre pads they found it was both better at cleaning and easier to wash out ready for the next wash.

They added that the well spaced and reasonably long tendrils created much less drag suggesting they exert less pressure on the surface.

Size: 5x5in

Colour: Grey

Do not wash in a washing machine. Hand wash only.