CYR Microfibres Boris The Blue Cloth

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Boris The Blue

Boris just loves the really dirty jobs that other cloths hate.


Removes brake dust and oil.

  • Streak free microfibre cleaning, no chemicals required.
  • Made from extra-fine microfibres for a superior mechanical cleaning performance – fast and effective wiping action.
  • One wipe cleaning action, no streaks, clean and dry. No second pass after drying required.
  • Efficient cleaning of large surfaces by reducing the cleaning process and time spent.
  • One wipe removal of grease, fingerprints and fatty dirt with squeaky clean results. Uses only water.

High density polymer coated microfibre cloth is suitable for removing brake dust, grime and oil from the rim and tyre. Also perfect for engine bays, wheel arches and door sills. 

Wash in a machine using a dedicated microfibre wash using no fabric conditioner or bleach. Hang dry.

Wash separately from white, coloured and linting cloth products.

Size: 35x38cm

Colour: Blue

Material: PVA- Polyvinylalcohol, Microfibre, 80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide, 100 % Polyvinylalcohol

Brand: Vileda

 Pack size: 1