Carpet & Upholstery Drill Attachments

  • £12.95

These are light duty carpet brushes, best used for sensitive carpets, floor mats, upholstery & seats when attached to a cordless or corded drill.

The 1" long nylon bristles are stiff enough to scrub away dirt and stains when used with an applicable cleaner yet gentle enough to not harm delicate fabrics. Excess liquid and dirt can then be easily rinsed or extracted.

The high speed rotation of the drill combined with the soft bristles lifts and easily extracts spots from fabric, upholstery, carpets and mats.

Extension bars are also available for use with all these brush attachments. 

  • Attaches to any cordless or corded drill
  • Lifts and extracts dirt safely and quickly
  • Soft bristles which are ideal for lighter fabrics & leather (when used with a dedicated leather cleaner on a slow drill speed)
  • Durable 100% nylon bristles, polypropylene base with a corrosion resistant, zinc/nickel plating 1/4" quick-change shaft. 

Available in a set of 4 attachments which measure: 2" (51mm) and 3.5" (90mm), 4" (102mm) & 5" (125mm) sizes

Warning: Always test on an inconspicuous area first. Do not use on leather surfaces if any thread is loose as this will damage the thread. CYR is not responsible for any improper use of the drill attachments.