AutoPerfekt Foam+ Non Caustic Snowfoam 100ml - Clean Your Ride
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AutoPerfekt Foam+ Non Caustic Snowfoam 100ml


Autoperfekt Foam+ Non Caustic Snowfoam 100ml

An advanced, luxurious PH neutral prewash, Foam+ concentrate is used to remove soiling (traffic film, bugs and general grime) prior to shampooing. Powerful, safe, high concentration. A highly concentrated and powerful snowfoam. When used via a foam lance on a pressure washer, this product produces a luxurious balanced foam blanket aiding in contact time. The foam encapsulates the dirt, lifting it from the paint surface enabling easy rinse off of the exterior grime. Foam+ increased contact time improves the cleaning power resulting in a cleaner surface ready to be washed. By removing the grime prior to shampooing the car it also reduces risk of scratching paint work and thus keeps the vehicle looking newer for longer.

  • Directions

    Prior to use, we recommend using Citrus+ as a pre soak with its powerful cleaning properties to get under baked on dirt.

    1. Measure out a ratio of 1:10 into your lance bottle on clean to moderately dirty vehicles, or double this for heavily soiled vehicles for extra cleaning power. 

    2. Fill up with luke warm water to desired level.

    3. Apply generously along the vehicle starting from the bottom and moving up. Make sure to throughly cover alloys and inner arches to lift dirt in those hard to reach areas.

    4. Allow Foam+ 5-10 minutes to work itself into and under the surface layer of dirt

    5. Rinse off from top to bottom ensuring all foam is removed.

    Repeat if vehicle is heavily soiled or you wish to use as a wash aid lubricant.