AutoPerfekt Alloy+ Wheel Cleaner 100ml - Clean Your Ride

AutoPerfekt Alloy+ Wheel Cleaner 100ml

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Autoperfekt Alloy+ Wheel Cleaner 100ml

A fantastic, highly concentrated, rust inhibiting dilutable tyre and wheel cleaner that not only looks and smells pleasant but has deep cleaning power making cleaning wheels a doddle. Alloy+ is a non-caustic alkaline wheel cleaner that's exceptionally good at removing dirt grease and grime. Amazing at cutting through the toughest grime and brake dust  A simple spray on rinse off application is also possible. It will remove lightly baked on brake dust without agitation though will benefit from being used in conjunction with an appropriate brush or Chenille Wheel. The non-caustic formula makes for a safer clean and minimises the chances of flash corrosion on exposed components. A concentrated low cost product with excellent cleaning power. Ideally use prior to D-Iron Fall Out, for the perfect cleaning combination. 

  • Directions

    Dilutions of up to 1:40 can be used for lightly soiled wheels. 

    Use up to 1:4 heavily soiled wheels

    1. Spray onto tyres and alloy wheels both inside and out. 

    2. Allow a minute or or two for Alloy+ to quickly break down dirt and grime.

    3. Rinse off with water or with dedicated wheels cleaning tools, throughly scrub the tyre walls and wheels before rinsing off with fresh clean water to reveal a sparkling clean finish.