AutoGlanz Synth-Seal Synthetic Paintwork Sealant 100ml
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AutoGlanz Synth-Seal Synthetic Paintwork Sealant 100ml


AutoGlanz Synth-Seal Synthetic Paintwork Sealant 100ml

AutoGlanz SynthSeal is a long-lasting, layer-able, true hybrid sealant. SynthSeal takes ‘easy to apply long-lasting sealants’ to a completely new level, in simple terms its a polymer sealant but there’s a twist:

AutoGlanz SynthSeal is both a wax and a sealant! Offering the natural gloss levels known from a liquid wax coupled with the durability that synthetic paintwork sealants are known for.

Some very special chemical combinations on a molecular level allow AutoGlanz SynthSeal to be applied in the nature of a liquid wax with the durability of a complex sealant. The bond strength achieved with the hybrid formula is remarkable and naturally accruing waxes simply struggle to compete.

SynthSeal Hybrid sealant – Cream Paintwork Sealant requires no special surface preparation to achieve up to 6 months durability and 12 months is quite achievable with a little care, whilst still offering gloss levels seen with liquid wax.

Once you discover how easy AutoGlanz SynthSeal is to apply, you will soon begin to look past durability and return to enjoying applying top-quality protection!

If you’re a beginner to paintwork sealant, wanting the best possible results with as little fuss as possible or if you’re a professional detailer needing a synthetic paint sealant you can trust to deliver day in day out with little to no fuss, AutoGlanz SynthSeal is a must-have paintwork sealant for anyone’s collection.

Along with its performance benefits the tutti fragrance will have you watering at the mouth as you protect your pride and joy with ease. This paired with the pale purple colouring is a match made in heaven.

Loved the sample now full size me!