Auto-Glanz Trade Shampoo 100ml - Clean Your Ride

Auto-Glanz Trade Shampoo 100ml

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Auto-Glanz Trade Shampoo 100ml

A premium yet cost effective bodywork shampoo specifically designed for high volume use where price needs to be matched with performance.
High concentration 250:1 making it extremely cost effective
Wax and sealant safe
High foaming detergent, rich formula
Added lubrication to help prevent light marring (scratching) during the wash process
Suitable for use on all vehicle exterior surfaces

Directions for Use:

Always swill the vehicle thoroughly and carry out a full pre wash.
Apply a small amount to your wash bucket as per desired dilution (up to 250:1)
Wash the vehicle from top to bottom ensuring to swill your wash mitt regularly.
Rinse the entire vehicle once complete & dry if desired.

Loved the sample now full size me!