Auto-Glanz TFR 50ml - Clean Your Ride

Auto-Glanz TFR 50ml

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Auto-Glanz TFR 50ml 

A premium yet cost effective traffic film remover specifically designed for high volume use where price needs to be matched with performance.

1. For cars, light commercial, trucks, engines, chassis, wheels and other exterior vehicle surfaces
2. Use with hot or cold pressure washer systems or pre wash hand pump sprayers 
3. High foaming detergent, rich formula
4. Easily breaks down road grime, bug splatter, heavy oils, grease and more

Directions for Use:

Apply via hot or cold pressure washer system or hand pump sprayer.
Allow to soak for a few moments and agitate if desired.
Swill with fresh, clean water via low pressure washer.
Diluted to 1-2% via wash systems or between 250:1 & 50:1 for pump sprayer depending on level of soiling. Do not use neat.

Loved the sample now full size me!