AutoGlanz Spar-Tar Tar and Glue Remover 100ml
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AutoGlanz Spar-Tar Tar and Glue Remover 100ml


AutoGlanz Blood Tonic Fallout Remover 100ml

AutoGlanz Blood Tonic is an advanced, reactive gel-based fallout remover formula that specifically targets only the outer rusty shell of bonded ferrous particles and works at safely dissolving the contaminant to release it from the surface so it can be swilled away with a regular wash routine in a safe manner.

AutoGlanz Spar Tar is an extremely effective, hydrocarbon-based tar and glue removal gel that effectively breaks down tar and glue upon contact.

Containing advanced thickening agents, once AutoGlanz Spar Tar has been applied it literally clings to the area being treated rather than running down the panel like conventional tar removal liquids. This dramatically increases contact time to allow the tar remover to get to work, which vastly improves effectiveness, whilst also eliminating wastage as none of the product drips off the vehicle.

This non-drip formula also eliminates the staining of concrete floors that can occur with conventional liquid tar products.

There is nothing more satisfying than standing back and admiring your vehicle after you have finished cleaning. But as you get closer you can start to notice those small imperfections including the horrible small dark spots of tar that normally cannot be removed via regular cleaning methods. Most tar removers are liquid-based, meaning they easily run away from the area being treated and can cause quite a mess on the floor when in use, especially on concrete when used inside a workshop. Here at AutoGlanz, we believe it’s important to bring you products that are effective and hold value for money, in this instance we created Spar Tar.

AutoGlanz Spar Tar has built-in emulsifying agents which enables the product to be broken down with water contact making it easily rinsed away with water. The distinctive deep red colour also makes identifying our tar and glue remover once applied a breeze.

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