Auto-Glanz Pure Shampoo 100ml

Auto-Glanz Pure Shampoo 100ml

  • £1.49

Auto-Glanz Pure Shampoo 100ml

If you’re in the market for a new shampoo to use on your waxed or ceramic coated vehicle without degrading the finish then Pure is for you!

Autoglanz Pure is an ultra high concentration car shampoo that can be diluted right down to 2000:1 whilst still offering supremely lubricated foamy and effective wash.

Not only is it a high concentration shampoo, it is the highest concentration shampoo on the market today. Pure is very effective, even at lower dilutions. Simply add a small amount to your bucket or a tiny amount directly to the wash pad and begin washing with complete peace of mind. Pure offers exceptional lubrication thanks to its extensive list of carefully picked surfactants and lubricating agents that are specifically designed not to be left on the surface once you are complete with your wash routine.

Pure is therefore ideal for use on any coated vehicle, be it a show-stopping, ultra wet wax or a ceramic coating you can be sure that Pure will not have any adverse effects on your LSP (last step protection)

  • 2000:1 dilution
  • Ultra lubrication
  • High foaming
  • Neutral
  • High value for money

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