Auto-Glanz Prizm Ceramic Spray Wax 100ml - Clean Your Ride

Auto-Glanz Prizm Ceramic Spray Wax 100ml

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Auto-Glanz Prizm Ceramic Spray Wax 100ml

Hybrid Ceramic Wax - The pinnacle of spray wax!


Offering ultra hydrophobic effect, extreme gloss UV protection, extremely user-friendly & a slick finish to any surface.

  • Easy to use, user-friendly
  • Hydrophobic, slick gloss finish
  • Apply wet or dry
  • Offers UV protection

Directions for use:

If using as a quick detailer/sealant:

Ensure surface is clean and apply one to two light mists per panel.

Buff into the surface evenly with a clean microfiber cloth and allow to dry.

If using as a wet coat:

Spray evenly around the vehicle in a more liberal fashion. 2-4 sprays per panel is suggested.

Once applied rinse with clean water, do not allow to dry on the surface without rinsing.

Loved the sample now full size me!