Auto-Glanz MicroWash 100ml

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Auto-Glanz MicroWash 100ml

A delicate yet highly effective non-bio microfibre cloth and polishing pad wash solution.

Designed specifically for use in domestic washing machines.

1. For heavily soiled cloths and pads, pre-rinse in a bucket with 60ml solution to 20L of water
2. Whilst wearing protective gloves, work the solution into the cloth/pads until soiling disperses into a solution
3. Rinse thoroughly with fresh clean water to remove loose soiling
4. Add cloths/pads to the machine and apply 30-60ml of the solution to your washing machine detergent compartment
5. Wash at a low 30c temperature or quick wash setting. Do not use fabric softener!
6. Once the cycle is complete, allow microfibre products to dry naturally.

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