Auto-Glanz Glass Cleaner 100ml - Clean Your Ride

Auto-Glanz Glass Cleaner 100ml

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Auto-Glanz Glass Cleaner 100ml

A premium yet cost effective glass cleaner specifically designed for high volume use where price needs to be matched by performance.
For interior and exterior use on windscreens, headlamps and mirrors.
Easily removes insect residues, resin, oils, traffic film, bird droppings and more.
Free of abrasives, silicone and waxes.
Residue and film free formula.
Suitable for use on glass & plastics
Premium Glass Cleaner gives you a crystal clean & smear free finish in no time when used on all glass, mirrors & plastics.

Directions for Use:

Spray directly to the surface to be cleaned in an even mist.
Wipe the surface with a Glass Shine cloth or equivalent ensuring to turn regularly.
Buff to a crystal clear shine with a clean microfibre if needed/desired.

Loved the sample now full size me!