Auto-Glanz Bubblicious Shampoo 100ml

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Auto-Glanz Bubblicious Shampoo 100ml

Bubblicious Car Shampoo is everything you’d expect from a premium car shampoo: It's bubbly and slick, which aids the preservation of any existing LSP/wax coating, whilst depositing a new layer of wax onto the surface to help keep your vehicle’s paintwork protected.

The bubblegum fragrance of Bubblicious Car Shampoo becomes apparent when its phenomenal foaming action and slick application get to work at safely removing soiling and road grime from the surface. The built in cleaners minimise the risk of marring with their highly complex surfactant build up. Bubblicious is designed to keep soiling suspended from the vehicles surface which dramatically reduces the risk of this soiling being re deposited during the wash process.

Bubblicious Car Shampoo is high in natural carnauba wax, which makes it a great shampoo for carrying out your everyday maintenance washes. This in turn helps top up the appearance and adds protection to your existing sealant or wax surface without the risk of harming the surface itself. Not only does Bubblicious offer brilliant cleaning power it also contains added wax properties. Bubblicious Car Shampoo with wax can be diluted up to 250:1 meaning you only need a few caps full per bucket to achieve a perfect, safe wash every time.

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