1x Raffle Ticket for SwissVax Master Collection with 200ml Mirage Wax
1x Raffle Ticket for SwissVax Master Collection with 200ml Mirage Wax
1x Raffle Ticket for SwissVax Master Collection with 200ml Mirage Wax
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1x Raffle Ticket for SwissVax Master Collection with 200ml Mirage Wax


This is an opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for a SwissVax Master Collection car care kit worth £845 on the SwissVax website

There are 85 tickets available and once all have been sold, a live draw with be conducted using a random number generator on Monday 14th February 2022. 

After your purchase, we will send a separate email AND a text message to you with your entry number/s. Please therefore ensure your email address and mobile number are correct.

We have the Master Collection here at CYR HQ and will send it out for delivery to the winner.

Here’s everything included in the SWISSVAX ‘Mirage’ Master Collection car care kit:

  • Mirage carnauba wax, 200ml Premium wax containing 40% by volume of pure Brazilian Grade One carnauba wax for all paint finishes
  • Cleaner Fluid Regular 250ml. Neither a polish nor a wax. Paintwork-cleansing care fluid (without abrasives) for wax pre-treatment
  • Cleaner Fluid Medium 250ml. Micro-scratch and swirl remover with micro-granules
  • Cleaner Fluid Strong 100ml. Strong scratch remover with micro-granules for paintwork with medium to heavy signs of use
  • Paint-Rubberregular (yellow). Clay bar (about 120g) easily removes adhering deposits on the paint surface (like soot, paint overspray, tar spots, rust, insect remains, etc.) without scratching the paintwork
  • Quick Finish 250ml. Effortlessly removes fingerprints, dust, grease, dirt or bird droppings in a matter of seconds – without water
  • Car Bath 250ml. Ph-neutral washing concentrate for 500 litres powerful washing solution that will not affect the precious Swissvax wax finish
  • Crystal 250ml. Highly effective glass and window cleaner for streak-free results
  • Lotos Speed 250ml. Quick sealing detailing spray for paintwork, rims, plastics, chrome, and glass
  • Metal Polish 50 ml. Cleans, polishes and preserves all metal surfaces like chrome, aluminum, nickel, and brass
  • Protection 250ml. Plastic conditioners for all exterior and interior plastics
  • Quick Interior Finish 250ml. Ingenious quick interior detailer. Removes fingerprints, dust, grease, or dirt across materials like metals, precious woods, leather, plastics, carbon fibres as well as navigation screens and dials.
  • Leather Cleaner 250ml. Highly effective but gentle formula allows regular cleaning of all automotive Nappa leathers
  • Leather Milk 250ml. Rich leather conditioner for automotive Nappa leathers. Simply apply and let it stand. No further wiping required as it will be fully absorbed by the leather.
  • Wheel Spray Forte 250ml. Highly effective modern wheel cleaner. Acid-free and phosphate-free! Safe for all wheel finishes.
  • Autobahn 50ml. Heat resistant carnauba wheel wax enriched with high content PTFE* for long-term rim protection.
  • Pneu 250ml. Rich rubber dressing for rubber seals and shiny tyres. Suitable for white walls, too.
  • Wood Polish 50ml. High content carnauba wax specially designed for glossy or matte lacquered precious woods
  • Cleaning brush for gently but thoroughly cleaning leather, textile and plastic surfaces
  • Detail Brush. A dusting brush for interiors.
  • Wood brush with natural bristles and no metal parts to prevent any scratching
  • Wheel brush. Wheel cleaning wood brush with natural bristles and no metal parts to prevent any scratching
  • Pneu brush
  • Detailing brush for precise and economical application of rubber and tyre dressing
  • Applicator pad, sponge (black) for application of plastic conditioners
  • Applicator Puck, regular foam (black). Silicone-free puck for application of Cleaner Fluids while protecting fingers and nails
  • Applicator Puck, soft foam (red). Silicone-free puck for application of waxes, Leather Milk, etc. while protecting fingers and nails
  • Micro-Fluffy (anthracite silk border) High pile double fleece detailing towel, perfect for wiping off Cleaner Fluids
  • Micro-Fluffy (red silk border) High pile double fleece detailing towel for wiping off carnauba waxes
  • Micro Dry. The Wonder Drying towel. Super soft waffle-weave drying towel made from premium grade microfibres, large size 80 x 55 cm
  • Micro-Glass (2 pcs) Water-woven microfibre towels for fast and streak-free window cleaning
  • Micro-Absorb (pink) Border-less microfibre cloth. The ‘all-rounder’ towel to be safely used on any car
  • Waschpudel. Regular luxury wash sponge with microfibre lining prevents micro-scratches from car washes. It can be machine washed at 40°c
  • Micro-Wash (yellow) Border-less, a highly effective towel for leather cleaning
  • Swissvax Polishing cloths (2 pcs) (white) Ultrafine polishing cloths for processing Cleaner Fluid medium / strong or Metal-Polish
  • Car Mini-Duster. The mini version of their famous Car Duster attracts dust, pollen, and loose dirt magically from the bodywork and interior surfaces
  • Master Collection Cooler bag with variable dividers and a separate compartment for towels and brushes
  • Swissvax Handbook English

Please note any winner from outside the UK will be responsible for their own shipping to their country.