CYR Glass Cloth 14" x 14"

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Glass Cloth from CYR

Perfect for ensuring a crystal clean, streak and smear free finish.

We recommend cleaning especially dirty glass with a glass cleaner and some paper towel. When the majority of the dirt and grime has been removed, mist the glass area with a light mist of water and then wipe with this glass cloth.

Also great for interiors too, especially for piano gloss trim. 

Size: 14" x 14" (35.5 x 35.5cm)

Towel Weight: Approximately 20 grams

Fabric Blend: 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide

Machine wash at 30-40°C with a dedicated microfibre wash product with no fabric conditioner. Dry naturally OR in a tumble dryer on a low heat. Do not dry on a radiator.