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A big welcome back here at CYR to Detailers Passion. An excellent brand from Jamie that is now into his 5th year with Detailers Passion. They stock a huge range of own brand premium car detailing products from snow foam to their hand crafted carnaba waxes.

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We have slowly but surely added a range of bottled samples to our website from a selected number of top quality manufacturers. All of the selected manufacturers have given us direct permission to offer you samples of their products which we provide to you in a totally unmolested way. We simply decant and send out the product as it arrives to us with no other intervention at all. Have a look at our subscription free service. Want to order 1 bottle of tar remover for a specific task, no problem. Want to order 5 different shampoos to compare before committing...

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Welcome to CYR part 2. Many of you will know us from the original Clean Your Ride site where we offer (and still do offer) sample sized products from a variety of fantastic brands. Fear not though as that will still be running alongside this site. That site is and this one, dedicated to Klin Korea products is  We wanted to make a site that was easy for you to navigate and use whilst reading as much information about the products from Klin. As always if you have any questions or queries or any suggestions for improvements then...

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